Interlibrary Loan

You can use an interlibrary loan to borrow media from other libraries that are not in the ULB collection. In order to do this, you must be in possession of an Athene or ULB card and need to set up an interlibrary loan account.

You can open and top up your interlibrary loan here:

  • “Service & Information” counter at ULB Stadtmitte
  • “Service & Information” counter at ULB Schloss
  • “Service & Information” counter at ULB Lichtwiese

Please note our opening hours .

After every submission of an interlibrary loan order, your interlibrary loan account will immediately be debited, see: Charges and costs . Please be sure to pay a sufficient amount at the “Service & Information” counter first.

Interlibrary loans for TU staff

TU staff can apply for an interlibrary loan account after submitting the Declaration on work related use (opens in new tab) . The fees are then paid by the ULB. TU staff are asked to use the “Top up interlibrary loan account” form (opens in new tab) to top up an established interlibrary loan account.

Details of the interlibrary loan account

You can check your borrowed media (including interlibrary loans) in your Library account. To log in, please enter your library card number and password. A link will take you to the interlibrary loan system, where you can view the amount available for interlibrary loans (“Balance of interlibrary loan account”) and check the validity of your interlibrary loan account.

You can only order media that are not available in the library system of TU Darmstadt. You can then order them online directly after your research via the interlibrary loan portal. It is a condition that the desired literature is required for professional or scientific purposes as well as for training and further education.

Not provided as interlibrary loans

  • Media that are available in your library system.
  • Literature that is available in book stores for less than 15 euros, as in this case it would cost more to process the interlibrary loan than to purchase the book.
  • Entire volumes of journals, although copies of individual articles from trade and scientific journals may be ordered.
  • Articles from copyrighted newspapers and kiosk magazines
  • Reference works and loose-leaf editions, although copies of individual articles may be ordered.
  • Particularly valuable works published before 1800, although copies or digital copies can usually be ordered.
  • Media in poor condition.
  • For commercial users: due to the new copyright law, any copy that comes from a work that is not in the public domain.

Placing an order

If your search in TUfind was not successful, you can click on the “Interlibrary loan” link located beneath the message. Your search query will be forwarded directly to the interlibrary loan portal.

Of course, you can also search directly in the Interlibrary loan portal. After registration, you can start your search via the predefined search mask and, when you find the required work, order it immediately online.

If you do a search of all the German networks (default setting) without finding the work you are looking for, you can place a “Free order”. You will find the relevant button in the left column when you log in. This will open a blank order form for you to enter as much information as you can on the book or article you are looking for.

An online order usually takes about two weeks (this information is for guidance only). A free order will take a little longer.

We will inform you as soon as we receive the work you ordered as an interlibrary loan. You will receive an email if we have your email address; otherwise we will notify you in writing.

Interlibrary loans that cannot be lent out will only be available to you for reference at the ULB locations Stadtmitte and Lichtwiese.

International interlibrary loans

If you are unable to find the medium you want either with us or in another German library, you have the option of requesting an international interlibrary loan. The fee for this is 7.50 euros. You are also obliged to bear any other costs incurred.

Charges and costs

You will find further information on Charges and costs here.


If you need the book for longer than the loan period, you can apply for an extension. Extensions are possible on request up to a maximum of three working days before the end of the loan period and subject to reservations. Please use the corresponding link in your library account to apply or go to Extension application interlibrary loan .
Alternatively, you can obtain a printed form from the “Service & Information” counter or from the reading room.

If you do not hear from us, you can usually keep the book for another four weeks. We shall notify you if it is not possible to extend the loan. Please note that you can only extend a loan twice.
You can see your borrowed interlibrary loans in your library account.

Further information

If you have any further questions, please contact our interlibrary loan information office on 06151 16-76251 or 16-76252, or email .