Charges and Costs

The fees for some library services have changed on 23. February 2023. This is due to an update of the HMWK's administrative cost regulations. We ask for your understanding.

General Charges and Costs

Use of the library free
Loans free
Interlibrary loan (domestic) *
per order/essay up to 20 pages
essay over 20 pages

Interlibrary loan (abroad)
per order/essay up to 20 pages
additional costs
(depending on the supplying library)

plus any costs incurred
Reservation by email
Reservation by post
1st reminder ***
2nd reminder ***
3rd reminder ***
each medium
each medium
each medium
Loss of / damage to a medium
each medium Costs for compensation
plus 15.00€ service fee
Replacement library card in the event of loss €20.00
Loss of a locker key each key €35.00
plus 15.00€ service fee
Loss of a key for a Single Study Room each key €85.00
plus 15.00€ service fee

* By placing an interlibrary loan order, you accept the additional costs of up to €8.00 without prior consultation. If the amount is higher, you will be asked whether you are prepared to pay these costs before the order is passed on.

** A cost entry is automatically generated in the library account, which is later deleted and not taken into account when the order is collected

*** The first reminder is due the day after expiry of the loan period. The second reminder is generated 14 days later, and the third one 14 days after that. From €30.00 of outstanding reminder fees or from the receipt of the 3rd reminder, your library account is blocked.

Duplication Costs

Digital scans on USB stick free
Paper printout from USB stick per page, DIN A4 b/w €0.20
Paper printout from a USB stick per page, DIN A4 coloured €0.30

Photographic and Repro Work / Digitisation on Demand

You can send a repro order (opens in new tab) to us for any books or other media that you do not want to or are not allowed to copy yourself.

Digital reproductions per page €0.50
plus the following costs, depending on the form of delivery:
Delivery on data carrier
CD / DVD / USB stick (4 GB)
Delivery online
by agreement, e.g. with wetransfer
Processing fee
applies to every order
Shipping charge
only if sent by post
outside Europe:
Please use our form for repro orders (opens in new tab) to order.
Please also check whether your order request is perhaps already available in our digital collections .
There are separate prices for photographic and repro work at the Patent and Trademark Centre Rhine-Main.
Microfilm orders that are only sent to an external service provider if specifically requested will be charged separately depending on the individual case.