Cloakroom Lockers

Jackets and bags may be taken into ULB Stadtmitte and ULB Lichtwiese. Exceptions: Separate terms of use for the reading areas (opens in new tab) . Alternatively, you are welcome to use a cloakroom locker.

ULB Stadtmitte (ULB Kompass Stadtmitte) has a total of 700 cloakroom lockers in the basement, ULB Lichtwiese (ULB Kompass Lichtwiese) has over 600 in the foyer, which are you welcome to use free of charge with your Athene or ULB card while you are in the library (maximum 12 hours).

Locking and unlocking with your card

You can operate the RFID locks with your Athene and ULB card. Simply press the card against the movable protruding plastic cylinder. This will move inside, and a quiet click indicates that it has locked. Reverse the process to unlock it. A card can only lock one locker at a time. Any number of lockers can be locked successively, so you always have a free choice of the available lockers.

Important! Do not lock the locker again once you have removed your personal items. If you do, you will block a locker. You will be prevented from using another locker, and may have to pay a fee.

Activating the cards to use the cloakroom lockers

Before using a locker, the locking function must be activated for your card. This is done by briefly touching the card to the terminal at the head of the first row of lockers. You will not be able to lock a locker without activating the card.

Forgotten your locker number?

If you have locked a locker, you can touch the card to the terminal to see the number of this locker.

Period of use

A locker may be used for 12 hours.

After that time it will remain locked. In order to unlock the locker again, you will have to pay a fee of 3 euros. Use your Athene or ULB card to have the amount debited at the late fees machine. The machine will then reactive the card for further use.

Please do not lock any valuables in the lockers. ULB assumes no responsibility.

Please observe the rules for the use of cloakroom lockers (opens in new tab) .

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