Loan Periods

Media may be borrowed for 4 weeks and extended/renewed up to four times unless reserved.

Some textbooks can be borrowed for 6 months. You will recognise them by the additional pink label and the word “Semesterausleihe” (“semester loan”).

In the case of interlibrary loans, the loan period is specified by the supplying library.

Magazines from the closed stacks can be ordered for use at the Service & Information counters from ULB Stadtmitte or ULB Lichtwiese. Volumes of journals cannot be borrowed for reasons of preservation.

You must return the borrowed medium before the end of the loan period voluntarily or, if possible, extend the loan period. Please note that media cannot be extended by yourself on the last day of the loan period.

If you have provided the library with an email address, you will be sent a reminder to return your media three or four days before the end of the loan period. The email notification is a service provided by the library without liability, since the library does not guarantee the secure delivery of emails. You are responsible for monitoring and adhering to the loan periods. You will find further information on extending the loan period here.