Digital Course Reserve

As teaching staff at the TU, you have the option of having us digitise printed materials for your courses.

Application to set up a digital course reserve

Following your application, we will digitise these materials and provide you with the files as a download link. You can then make the documents available to your students as part of the associated course. If you do not yet use an e-learning platform, we recommend consulting the e-learning working group of TU Darmstadt and its training and information offers.

If the materials are protected by copyright and not in the public domain, then only individual articles or excerpts may be digitised. Furthermore, digitising may not be carried out as part of a digital course reserve if the publisher offers an “appropriate” licence for the relevant online use. The lecturer is responsible for checking the above aspects and ensuring compliance with copyright law.

The legal basis for electronic course reserves is Article 60 of the German Copyright Act

This states that

  • a maximum of fifteen percent of a published work, such as a book
  • illustrations
  • individual articles from the same trade or scientific journal
  • other small-scale works
  • out-of-print works

may be placed in a digital course reserve.

Newspaper articles may not be placed in a digital course reserve. This restriction does not apply to articles from the F.A.Z. library portal that may be used in digital course reserves with the permission of the F.A.Z.

With the exception of out-of-print works, complete books may not be included in a digital course reserve.
However, an e-book that is freely accessible or licensed to or purchased by the ULB may be linked.

The works may only be made accessible to lectures and participants of the respective courses, and to lecturers and examiners of TU Darmstadt.

This accessibility must serve to illustrate the course and teaching, and is not to be used for commercial purposes.

You will find further information on the legal situation at

It is also possible to set up conventional course reserves .