Photography and Filming in the Library

Recordings from the holdings

Photography, filming and scanning of/from library media with your own devices (digital camera, smartphone or similar) for your own, non-commercial purposes is generally permitted in the freehand areas if it is done without flash, without a tripod and without disturbing others. In the Research Reading Room (2nd floor, ULB Stadtmitte) and in the special reading places (ground floor ULB Lichtwiese), limited photography and scanning are permitted with prior permission.

Photos/films of/on the premises

Permission must be obtained from the Press Office of TU Darmstadt before photographing or filming in the public spaces of the University and State Library Darmstadt.

TU Darmstadt can only grant filming and recording permission for requests that clearly involve journalistic reporting on TU Darmstadt.

TU Darmstadt cannot grant permission for filming or recordings with a clearly commercial or business background (e.g. advertising, PR assignments) or for photo and film projects in which university locations serve primarily as a backdrop. You will find further information under Filming and Recording Permission from TU Darmstadt.

Current reporting on the library

If you would like to report on the University and State Library and its activities in light of a recent event, please contact the ULB Public Relations Office or the Press Office of TU Darmstadt.