First Publication

ULB assists members and affiliates of TU Darmstadt with the first publication of scientific documents in Open Access (OA). The first publication in Open Access is also known as the "Golden Open Access".

Gold open Access

Golden route of Open Access publishing
Golden route of Open Access publishing

A first publication can be published in TUprints, TU Darmstadt's publication platform, or through a publisher, for instance. The publication is either digital or hybrid, which means it is published in print and digitally in parallel. The publisher or repository has only the basic right of use. CC BY or CC BY-SA licences are Open Access-compliant. TU Darmstadt recommends the CC BY licence .

Information on the Gold Open Access strategy.

TUprints, TUjournals and the publication fund

  • Articles
  • Bachelor theses
  • Book chapters
  • Books
  • Diploma and Master's theses
  • Dissertations
  • Habilitations
  • Conference publications
  • Master's theses
  • Norms, patents and standards
  • Reports
  • Software
  • Student research projects
  • Lectures, seminars, teaching materials
  • Journal volumes

Checklist for first publication

1. Go to TUprints to register or log in.

2. Upload file and enter metadata.

3. Transfer the Contract for the publication of digital documents on TUprints .

4. Publication by ULB.

5. Inclusion in the library catalogue increases visibility in the Internet.

There are other steps to observe when publishing university documents such as theses, dissertations or habilitations.

Publication of university theses

Advice on digital publishing