Secondary Publication

For many publications, there is the possibility of a secondary publication in Open Access. In its Open Access policy, TU Darmstadt formulates the goal of making as many of its members' and associates' publications freely accessible as possible and thus promoting the dissemination of scientific findings.

Open-Access-Policy der TU Darmstadt (opens in new tab)

Green Open Access

Classic commercial publications can also be made available as secondary publications in Open Access. When doing so, you must take into account the publishing policy and contracts, which specify details of the permitted licences, time limits (embargoes) and permitted versions (pre- and postprint, manuscript).

Information on the Green Open Access strategy

Green route of Open Access publishing
Green route of Open Access publishing

Secondary publication under the German Copyright Act (UrhG)

The author is granted an inalienable secondary exploitation right (Article 38 (4) UrhG). The manuscript version of the article may be republished 12 months after publication. Condition: At least half of the research activity was funded by public funds and the article was published in a periodical that appears at least twice a year.

Publishers' license agreements are collected in this database and evaluated on the basis of the respective publishing policy. Authors can query which secondary publication options the publisher allows for journal titles and sometimes also for conferences.

ATTENTION: In the event of doubt, your publishing contract will apply!

TUprints publication platform

The TUprints Open Access repository offers all members and associates of TU Darmstadt the option to publish scientific papers as electronic first or secondary publications. You will find information on the TUprints platform in the guidelines (opens in new tab).

You can upload individual documents for which secondary publication is permitted to TUprints yourself.

  1. Register with TUprints or log in.
  2. Upload the permitted file version and enter metadata.
  3. Complete and send the“Vertrag über die Veröffentlichung digitaler Dokumente auf TUprints” . Select “Einzelne Erst- und Zweitveröffentlichung” as the object of the contract.

ULB will take care of the publication and inclusion in the library databases.

The free Dissemin web service will support you with the independent secondary publication of your documents.

Dissemin finds scientific publications, checks their availability and uploads them to a free repository such as TUprints in just a few clicks.
Registration is with your TU ID or ORCID iD .

For the publication of any documents transmitted by Dissemin, we need one copy of the “Vertrag über die Veröffentlichung digitaler Dokumente auf TUprints” – select “Dissemin” as the object of the contract. You will also be offered the contract in Dissemin.

ULB will handle the secondary publication of all suitable publications for you. This allows you to publish OA without spending your own time and effort on rights checks, entering metadata or uploading files.

Our service for members and associates of TU Darmstadt:

  • Rights checks regarding requirements for secondary publication
  • Contacting the publisher to obtain the necessary permissions
  • Publication on TUprints, TU Darmstadt's repository
  • Inclusion in the library catalogue, as this increases visibility on the internet

What we need:

  • Your publication list (ideally in RIS or Bibtex format), with Digital Object Identifier (DOI)
  • “Vertrag über die Veröffentlichung digitaler Dokumente auf TUprints” – select “Zweitveröffentlichungsservice” (Secondary publication service) as the object of the contract.
  • Your ORCID iD for author identification
  • Depending on the legal situation, your cooperation in obtaining the appropriate version of your publication (manuscript / preprint, postprint).

The secondary publication service is currently in high demand. The processing time within the Digital Publishing team depends on the number of requests already available, the length of your publication list and the amount of work involved in rights checks. We will keep you informed about the progress of your OA publications.

Secondary publications are added to the TUDa bibliography as independent publications. The year of publication is the current year of publication and this may differ from the original publication.