Perform scientific research and work with the competence of ULB – Open Access, publication of academic works and research data management. Innovative projects and cooperations with academic institutions and partners ensure forward-looking developments in the environment of an open library.

iPad mit Säulendiagramm - Gerd Altmann (Pixabay)
Picture: Gerd Altmann

Research and publish with success

Modern science is based on research data. Managing this data is a building block for qualitative research. Open Access publishing gives society access to scientific findings.

Services of ULB Darmstadt

Digital publishing and Open Access services

The Digital Publishing Team (DPUB) offers individual consultations for all members and affiliates of TU Darmstadt by or online via Zoom.

Research service

ULB Darmstadt offers external institutions various opportunities for cooperation in the areas of digitisation and digital editions.

Digitisation Centre

Centre for Digital Editions