The printed copies of your habilitation are considered to be the first publication. Please use your option for secondary publication on TUprints to increase the distribution and visibility of your work.


Submission of printed habilitations

Under Article 12 (4) of the Habilitation Regulations (HabilO), four printed versions are to be given to the ULB for archiving and forwarding. Send them by post to:

University and State Library Darmstadt
Digital Publishing Team
Magdalenenstr. 8
64289 Darmstadt

After further testing steps, we will send confirmation of receipt to your Departmental Office. There is no direct delivery.

Checklist for secondary publication of the habilitation

  1. Register with TUprints or log in.
  2. Upload file and enter metadata.
  3. Submit the Contract for the publication of digital documents on TUprints .
  4. Publication by ULB.
  5. Inclusion in the library catalogue increases visibility in the Internet.

You can obtain further information on habilitations at TU Darmstadt from the website of the Departmental Office or from your respective department.