Borrowing and Returning

The University and State Library Darmstadt contains a large selection of printed and digital books, journals and other media, both for use on site and for borrowing.

Borrowing, Ordering and Returns

A library card (Athene card, ULB card) is required in order to borrow books and other media from ULB Darmstadt. This entitles you to borrow from the locations Stadtmitte, Schloss and Lichtwiese. Media can be researched via the TUfind search portal.

Open-access stock that is available to borrow can be taken directly from the shelf and checked out at the self-service terminals.

You can order items from the stacks to borrow or view from the library using TUfind.

Borrowed media can be returned at two return machines at the ULB location Stadtmitte.

The return at the ULB Lichtwiese is done with the help of the return shelves (Smart Shelves).

Please note that media cannot be extended by yourself via the library account on the last day of the loan period. If you wish to extend your loan on the last day of the loan period, you can contact the Service and Information team during service hours or write an .

Stock Available to Borrow

Most of the media in our stocks can be borrowed for 4 weeks.

Ordered and reserved media will be waiting for you on the collection shelf, and need to be checked out at the self-service terminals.

Lehrbuchsammlung Lichtwiese
Picture: Daniela Poth

Textbook Collection

You will find the textbook collections on the ground floor of the two ULB locations Stadtmitte and Lichtwiese. You can borrow textbooks with an additional pink label with the word “Semesterausleihe” (“semester loan”) for 6 months.


Media ordered from another location or from the stacks will be available to you on the morning of the next working day.

This does not apply to orders placed on public holidays or days when ULB is closed. Please also observe the current opening hours .

For reason of acclimatisation, old stock can only be seen 2 days after ordering. The Research Reading Room has special rules of use and opening hours.

ULB total

  • Borrowing Privileges

    Items may be borrowed by any individual aged 15 years or over and living in Germany for a minimum of three months.

  • Charges

    Find the general charges and costs for loans, interlibrary loans, photographic and reproduction work here.

  • Extending the Loan Period

    Your library account contains the overview “Borrowed media and extensions”. You can extend the loan period yourself online, but only if the medium has not been reserved.

  • Library Account

    Your library account contains an overview of borrowed media and their loan periods. You can also request renewals, view reservations and change your password.

  • Loan Periods

    Media may be borrowed for 4 weeks and extended/renewed up to four times unless reserved.

  • Loss of Books

    If you lose or damage a medium, please us as soon as possible. You will be expected to pay the charges and costs for replacing the medium.

  • Payment Options

    Payment machines are located in the entrance area to ULB Stadtmitte and ULB Lichtwiese. You can pay charges and costs using your Athene, ULB or EC card there.

  • Provision of Media

    Your order will be available after a period of time at the respective point of issue (collection shelf, Service & Information counters or in the research reading room).

  • Reminder Fees

    If you exceed the loan period, we will immediately charge a reminder fee based on the current version of the scale of fees of the State of Hesse. You will not be able to borrow, extend or reserve any media until the reminder fees have been settled and the relevant media returned.

  • Reservations

    If the media you require are already on loan to other users, you have the option to reserve them using the TUfind search portal.

  • Return

    Borrowed media may be returned to any ULB location.

  • Temporary Password for Athene Cards

    The Athene card is also your library card. You will find the library card number (BAN) on the card starting with the numbers 0017. When the Athene card is issued, you will be given a temporary password that you can see at Please log in with your TU ID and the corresponding password for this. We strongly advise you to change this temporary password.

  • Temporary Password for ULB Cards

    The temporary password for holders of ULB Cards is their birth date in 6 figures (DDMMYY). E.g.: 30.01.1980 = 300180

    We strongly advise you to change this temporary password.