Research Reading Room

The research reading room is a special area for working and researching with the valuable holdings of the collections and media, which are over 100 years old. Reader scanners, an audio/video tower and an eKlavier complete the possible uses of the various focal points in the collections. The research reading room is closed 24 December 2022 – 8 January 2023.

Working in the Research Reading Room

The value of historical holdings includes craftsmanship and artistic form. In order to protect them, special climatic conditions and rules of use (opens in new tab) apply.

The research reading room is currently open for a limited number of registered users. Once you have received confirmation from us that your items are ready for you in the research reading room, you can book a workstation. Please note that you are allowed 2 hours per appointment.
Opening hours: Monday to Friday 10:30am – 04:30pm

Note: We recommend that you continue to wear medical masks indoors, even if this is no longer mandatory in the future.

Research workstations, special catalogues, reference holdings with subject-specific literature and personal advice support working with the special ULB collection.

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Online service – researching via webcam

This service is an alternative to the on-site use of the media. The ULB collections with special conditions of use (such as manuscripts or incunabula) are made available online via webcam for approximately one hour for research purposes. This will allow you to quickly and specifically view individual sections such as title pages, illustrations or text variants without having to come to ULB in person. All that is required for this service is a PC or laptop with audio and video function, Internet access and an installed web browser.

Interactive research with the valuable holdings of ULB

If you would like to use the online service, please us with the signature of the desired manuscript or incunabula. We will check whether the copy is suitable for viewing via webcam, and will then contact you.