Learning Formats for Historical Holdings and Conservation

ULB has some veritable book treasures in its collections. On request, we can offer you an insight into our valuable holdings as part of an event. Lectures and workshops on the subject of conversation tell you how these valuable holdings are preserved and protected.

Learning Formats on Historical Holdings

  • Would you like to experience the valuable holdings from our historical collections in person?
  • What needs to be considered when dealing with valuable old holdings?
  • What materials and aids can be used to repair and care for old holdings?

Specialist staff present selected holdings from the historical collections in these demonstrations.

Presentations for groups from TU Darmstadt or Darmstadt University of Applied Sciences

Please use our request form .

Presentations for external parties

Please send an informal mail to the .
You are welcome to ask for specific items to be used in the demonstration. The requested media are checked to determine whether they can be used for a demonstration within the framework of conservation. We then decide what may be presented.

Our Coffee Lectures provide a brief introduction to the topic.

Individual Offers

We will be pleased to offer tailor-made events and consultations on this topic.

Current Events on the Topic