Learning Formats for Research Data

Research produces a large amount of digital data and software. You might also reuse data and software from previous projects.

  • What do the “Guidelines on how to deal with research data at TU Darmstadt” regulate?
  • Where can I store my data so it is safe and secure?
  • How do I keep track of my data?
  • Will anyone else even understand my data?
  • Who actually owns the research data, and who is allowed to use it?
  • What standards and best practices are there for handling data in my department?
  • Where and how can I archive or publish selected data?
  • What happens to the data at the end of my project?
  • How will the research team at TU Darmstadt – TUdata – support me in handling my data?

You'll learn the answers to these questions in our workshops.

You are welcome to bring sample data from your own research.

The PowerPoint presentations of the courses are available on OpenLearnWare.

Our Coffee Lectures provide a brief introduction to the topic.

Further information from the TU on the subject of research data

Individual Offers

We will be pleased to offer tailor-made events and consultations on this topic.

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