The collections at ULB Darmstadt include significant works from all over the world and from different centuries: - Manuscripts from the Middle Ages and early modern times - Incunabula | Historical prints - Estates and correspondence by leading regional figures - Map and graphics collections – (views, portraits, posters) - Music collection with the focus on 18th and 19th century compositions - Theatre collection with items from the former Court and State Theatre Darmstadt

Historische Zeichnung "Mensch mit Krug in der Hand am Tisch sitzend"
Picture: ULB Darmstadt

Do not Forget the Joy and not the Sorrow

The first evicence of Jewish life in Germany is 1700 years old – a reason good enough for an extraordinary jubilee. In this context the ULB takes part in a virtual exhibition about the collective cultural heritage which emerged under the influence of Jewish culture especially in Darmstadt. The long tradition of Jewish-Christian cohabitation is illustrated by selected items from the library’s historical collections and two further exhibits. We invite you to a historical expedition through our regional and national cultural history.

Virtual Exhibition

Historically grown

The Darmstadt collections are the legacy of the former court library. A passion for collecting and the various interests of the Darmstadt landgraves and grand dukes led to regional and international growth in historical holdings such as manuscripts and incunabula, maps and portraits, and the music collection. The theatre collection became part of what was then the state library in 1938.