Learning Formats for Text and Data Mining

Text or data mining is the automatic extraction of structured information from a larger amount of texts for the purpose of analysing this data.

  • Is this area also of interest for literary studies, for example?
  • How can text mining make 300-year-old newspapers relevant to current research?
  • What are the fundamental approaches and techniques, what are the options for interpretation?
  • How can I learn to carry out text mining analyses myself using the Python programming language, even with no prior knowledge?
  • What is natural language processing and what is its role in this process?
  • Which software can I use to document my results and at the same time visualise them in an appealing way?
  • How can I use OpenRefine software to easily prepare tabular data without any programming knowledge?

Find out the answers to these questions in our workshops, where you can apply your new knowledge directly to practical examples.

The PowerPoint presentations from the courses are available on OpenLearnWare.

Our Coffee Lectures provide a brief introduction to the topic.

Individual Offers

We will be pleased to offer tailor-made events and consultations on this topic.

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