Estates and Autographs

ULB holds more than 130 estates, including those of well-known personalities such as art nouveau architect Albin Müller, writer Bräuning-Oktavio, philosopher Hermann Graf von Keyserling, court vocal music director Markwort and the poet Hans Schiebelhuth. Individual letters, for instance by Beethoven, Humboldt or Luther, provide information on life, research and ways of thinking during particular epochs.

Databases and catalogues

The estates, autographs and letters can be researched in the Kalliope database.

The War Collections (1914-1918) database lists the collections contained in the estates of Friedrich Maurer and Adolf Schmidt.

The letter catalogue in the Research Reading Room contains references to individual letters in the estates.

Autograph letter by Georg Büchner
Autograph letter by Georg Büchner

List of estates

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  • Noack, Friedrich