Collections Care

Collections Care is an important pillar of the library's work in ensuring that the various inventories and collections of the ULB Darmstadt can be used and, above all, in preserving the valuable originals.

This not only includes the physical aspect of conservation, restoration, repair and re-binding of the mainly historical collections. It also refers to a comprehensive, interlinked concept that leads to proper recording in the library and thoughtfully planned storage.

Further tasks include an age-resistant packaging concept, the production of climatically consistent and appropriate storage, a careful usage concept, functioning emergency planning, and a well-planned IPM (Integrated Pest Management) concept.

The desired long-term storage of these items can only be achieved if and when these components mesh coherently.

Head of Department

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Collections Care
Matthias Frankenstein
Head of Colletions Care
+49 6151 16-76320