Book Binding and Newspaper Section

The purpose of the Book Binding and Newspaper Section is to ensure that media are preserved and easy to find.

The Binding Section is the interface between the library, the in-house restoration workshop and an external bookbinder for unbound magazines and newspapers, and for books and other media that are in need of repair. By compiling the orders and defining the binding instructions, it ensures that the magazines and newspapers are bound in qualitative, durable library covers, which is essential for long-term use.

The Newspaper Section is primarily responsible for collecting the daily, weekly and monthly newspapers that are published in the compulsory area of ULB Darmstadt. The newspapers are registered, collected, laid out for the users, and then later prepared for the external bookbindery.

The Labelling Section ensures that all the media that are stored in the closed stacks receive a signature label. The historical holdings are given age-resistant labelling.


  Name Contact
Florin Amarandei
Closed Stacks Management
+49 6151 16-76332
Renate Hartmann
Newspaper Section
+49 6151 16-76330
Susan Mixdorf
Book Binding
+49 6151 16-76331