Maps and Graphics Collection

The maps and graphics collection contains a rich collection of war and manoeuvre maps, city maps, town views, portraits and posters. This makes the collection significant beyond the region.

  • Maps
    26.000 printed maps
    3.000 hand-drawn maps and plans (portfolio collection)
    900 war and manoeuvre maps
    650 city maps
  • Drawings
    City and district maps
    Boundary maps
    Architectural designs of buildings, parks and gardens
  • City views
    2.000 regional and worldwide views
  • Portraits
    Five centuries of important personalities
    Aristocrats, politicians, actors and actresses
  • Posters
    1915-1944 focus on political posters
    after 1945 graphic posters from Southern Hesse as well

Maps and graphics online

TUfind – Search Portal of ULB

TUkart – Digital collection of maps of ULB

Old maps of Hessen (opens in new tab) with around 400 maps


16th century
Landgrave George I started collecting maps, which are listed in the early library catalogues as single sheets (80-100 sheets).

18th century
Louis IX (the “soldier landgrave”) was mainly interested in war maps, fortress plans and other plans for military use. The collection grew.

19th century
The following generations of landgraves continued to add to the collection. In 1865, the library's map holdings contained around 12,.000 sheets.

20th century
Incorporating the maps in the former cabinet library and the valuable library of Baron von Closen-Günderrode provided further valuable growth.

21st century
The Georeferencing project demonstrates how historical and current maps merge, and provides a new perspective on geographical changes.

A short journey through the collection