Digital Publishing and Open Access Services

The Digital Publishing Team (DPUB) provides individualised consultations to members and affiliates of TU Darmstadt. The continuous improvement of existing services and development of new ones in the areas of Open Access and digital publishing supports scientists in publishing their work.

Offers for professors

  • Briefing for new appointees (OA/OER folder)
    Newly-appointed professors will receive a folder with information on the topics of Open Access (OA) , Open Educational Resources (OER), the Publication Fund and publishing services. An Open Access Check will also be carried out in advance.
    An offer in cooperation with the Center for Educational Development and Technology (HDA).
  • Professors' round table
    The DPUB team provides information on a pre-agreed topic during an internal departmental meeting.
  • Focus on the departments' target agreements
    Existing target agreements are examined with a focus on the aspects of publication behaviour and teaching materials. This is followed by a consultation in which reference is made to ULB's support offers and, if appropriate, a cooperation is agreed.

Offers for scientists

  • Advice on project application and target agreement
    In the run-up to new target agreements with bodies including the university management and preparation of project proposals, the DPUB team offers support with strategic considerations for publishing and Open Access.
  • OA/OER in research and teaching
    A joint workshop on open research and teaching addresses the topics of Open Access (OA) and Open Educational Resources (OER) and reveals synergies.
    An offer in cooperation with the Center for Educational Development and Technology (HDA).
  • OA/OER Pitch
    Short inputs in thematic workshops: In the space of around 20 minutes, scientists with OA/OER experience present the added value for your own scientific career and the university's visibility. The OA/OER team then provides information on basic services and further workshops.
    An offer in cooperation with the Center for Educational Development and Technology (HDA).
  • OA checklist
    The OA checklist will support you in the run-up to an OA publication (e.g. for self-monitoring). The results at the end of the checklist are for orientation only, and are not legally binding.
  • Creative Commons (CC) licences
    Overview of CC licences – knowing, understanding and applying them.

Information for administration

The number of OA publications can be significantly increased if administration staff are familiar with the range of services offered by the university/library and are sensitised to Open Access (OA) and Open Educational Resource (OER). Ideally, staff with this knowledge will consider and plan for the topic in the administration's areas of work. They will be able to provide initial information or refer on to the appropriate contact.