Repro Service / Orders for Digitisation

Microforms, modern literature, audiovisual media, special materials and special collections can be digitised in addition to historical holdings.

When to place a repro-order

If you place a repro-order, ULB takes care of copying / scanning and processing of the ordered pages and scans. You should place a repro-order if

  • you need copies out of old, sensitive or precious books. These mostly are subject to a prohibition of (self-)copying.
  • you need voluminous material or a lot of scans and do not want to copy them yourself.
  • you need pre-press reproduction quality.
  • large formats, maps, plans or other special material is concerned.

Copyrighted material can only be delivered partially or might be completely restricted from digitziation.

How to place and submit the order

Please use our Order-Form (opens in new tab) and fill in only the areas marked gray.

  • Provide it with your signature and
  • send it to us via conventional mail or
  • attached to an Email to
  • hand it over the Research Reading Room.

Service and fees

…can be seen in our form for repro-orders (opens in new tab) or our table of general charges and costs. Payment in cash on pickup or bank transfer after we send you an invoice (together with the ordered media). Delivery usually in max. 14 days.

Special requirements, projects and advice

Please tell us early enough, if you need e.g. delivery on oversized formats, reprint or facsimile quality, individual technical formats, a rush order or scans from special material such as microforms.

Our digitisation centre will deliberately give advice on digitization projects or offer cooperation.