Electronic Media

ULB provides several million electronic media: e-books, electronic magazines and newspapers, and databases.

Access to the full texts is only permitted to members of the respective university and users of the university library.

The full texts of articles or parts of texts may only be printed or saved for personal use and for research purposes. Articles or parts of texts may not be passed on to third parties either electronically or in printed form.

Systematic downloading of complete eBooks, text parts, journal articles or of search results, especially by robots, is prohibited.

Further information

  • Databases

    The Database Information System (DBIS) is a portal for article, image, fact and full-text databases as well as for bibliographies.

  • Digital Course Reserve

    As teaching staff at the TU, you have the option of having us digitise printed materials for your courses.

  • eduroam

    You will find information on eduroam and a list of participating institutions at: http://www.eduroam.org/

    Information on using eduroam at the ULB is available at WLAN .

  • eJournals

    All electronic journals are listed in the Electronic Journals Library (EZB). Traffic light symbols show you whether the full text of a journal is available.

  • Electronic Newspapers

    The ULB also offers a number of electronic newspaper archives.

  • Mobile Network Access

    TU members (students or staff) can also access almost all of the licensed electronic journals, databases and e-books from outside the TU network. Access to the licensed full texts is provided via a VPN connection.

  • TUkart

    Digital collection of maps, views, hand drawings, posters and portraits from the inventories of ULB Darmstadt.

  • VPN

    TU members (students or staff) can access almost all of the licensed electronic media offers of the ULB using a VPN connection from outside the TU network.

  • Wi-Fi

    eduroam oder Darmstadt WiFi

  • Wi-Fi via eduroam

    You can use Wi-Fi via eduroam in the ULB if you are

    • member of the TU Darmstadt with an eduroam identifier or
    • member of an other institution which is a participant in the eduroam network.