Deposit Copies

As the Hesse State Library, our task is to collect and archive all the literature that is published in this region and make it available to the public.


We are commissioned by the Hesse Library Act and the Ordinance on the Compulsory Submission of Media Works of the Hesse Ministry of Science and Art to exercise the deposit copy right.

Collection Area

Our area of responsibility covers

  • the cities of Darmstadt and Offenbach am Main
  • the districts of Bergstrasse, Darmstadt-Dieburg, Gross-Gerau, Odenwaldkreis, Offenbach, Giessen and Vogelsbergkreis

The first place of publication stated in the publication details is decisive.

The submission of electronic publications is also mandatory under the terms of the 2017 Ordinance on the Compulsory Submission of Media Works.

Electronic publications such as e-books or e-journals must be delivered. Anyone who is entitled to distribute a media work or to make it accessible to the public for the first time and has their registered office, a place of business or their main place of residence in the territory is obliged to deliver. This deposit copy regulation applies not only to publishers, but also to authors and editors or institutions that self-publish their writings within and outside the book trade.

Publications that appear exclusively in electronic form must generally be delivered.

Only the electronic versions of publications that appear in identical versions in both printed and electronic form (parallel editions) must be delivered. This satisfies the obligation to deliver, and the corresponding print edition no longer has to be delivered. In the case of additionally submitted print versions, we reserve the right to use them as we see fit.

Submitting Media

By post or in person by agreement


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Please contact the Digital Publishing Team to submit TU theses.


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