Centre for Digital Editions in Darmstadt (CEiD)

The CEiD covers every aspect of the preparation of texts for scientific editions and every area of digital editions, from planning to publication. As well as processing historical holdings of ULB, the CEiD is also a partner for external institutions.

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Creating a Digital Edition

Depending on the project requirements, a workflow is possible from text capture (OCR) of the digital copies to the creation and edition of the XML basis to realisation of the digital edition as an online presentation.

Basis of digital editions

  • Individually adapted transformation tools and scripts for every project.
  • Texts converted to XML format and on into HTML format.
  • Output formats such as JSON, Word DOCX and PDF are supported.

A basic format is provided for the XML files, which is based on the guidelines of the Text Encoding Initiative (TEI). This makes it possible to record the texts scientifically. The texts can be annotated so that they are enriched with metadata and entities are captured in them. These are then stored in a central register file, which means they are available to be accessed.

Online presentation of the digital edition

  • The XML file is saved in a database.
  • The data records can be retrieved via various interfaces.
  • Framework for the online view
  • The digital edition is reproduced as a searchable Open Access website.
  • Standard view
  • The digital copy and the transcribed text are placed beside each other.
  • The flexible framework can adapt layouts to the project requirements.

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