Centre for Digital Editions (CEiD)

The Centre for Digital Editions deals with the transformation of texts into a digital medium, the provision of digital texts and the options for their evaluation. In addition to the "classic", historical-critical edition in digital form, there is also the ability to transfer newer, usually printed texts into a digital and freely available form.

To this end, we collaborate on various projects with partners at TU Darmstadt and external partners.

Our projects include the long-term “European Religious Peace Agreements – A Digital Edition” project (with the Institute for European History and the Academy of Sciences and Literature in Mainz), the digitisation of the Darmstädter Tagblatt, and the BMBF-financed “Open Access Transformation by Cooperation” project (with the Wissenschaftliche Buchgesellschaft publishing house).

Team Leader

  Name Contact
Dario Kampkaspar
Head of Centre of Digital Editions
+49 6151 16-76292


  Name Contact
Marina Belka
+49 6151 16-76297
Katrin Fischer
+49 6151 16-76339
Silke Kalmer
+49 6151 16-76315
Nadja Krieger
+49 6151 16-76279
Kevin Kuck
+49 6151 16-76458
Anna Christina Kupffer
+49 6151 16-76333
Teresa Schliemann
+49 6151 16-76318, -76260
Kevin Wunsch
+49 6151 16-76379