For TU Members

Submission and Disposal of Documents

Flyer for the university archive

You must offer any documents that you no longer require and whose retention period has expired to the university archive for archiving

List of retention periods (opens in new tab)

After determining their suitability for archiving, the documents will be taken into permanent storage, and will be available for viewing.

We also organise regular dates for the disposal of any files that need no longer be retained.

We will be pleased to advise you on the topics of file management and disposal:


Would you like to be trained in handling documents or to arrange training for your team?

We will be pleased to organise an individual internal session for you. Our training events offer participants plenty of opportunity for questions and suggestions!


Students and school pupils can complete an internship to gain an insight into every area of activity in a public archive:

  • Evaluation and transfer of documents from central administration and the departments of TU Darmstadt
  • Refiling documents and removing metal from documents
  • Indexing of documents in the Arcinsys archive information system
  • Processing enquiries from visitors
  • Support for visitors
  • Stack services
  • Advising the administration on the subject of records management
  • Production of a catalogue of professors for the Hesse biography
  • Creation of articles on the history of TH/TU Darmstadt for the university's internal journal, hoch3

You are welcome to discuss the duration of the internship with us. There is also the option of arranging flexible working hours.

Basic knowledge of palaeography (19th and 20th centuries) is an advantage but not a requirement. Students will only be employed if the academic regulations of the subject in question allow for a compulsory internship.

Please send your application to: