Open Access and Open Educational Resources in Engineering Sciences

How do engineering scientists in particular use Open Access and Open Educational Resources, and why might they not yet do so in some instances? This question was the focus of the "OpenIng" project funded by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research.

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Study on Open Access publication behaviour in engineering sciences

A two-stage survey was conducted among OA experts and engineering scientists.

Results and materials:

Workshops for the development of specific services

Workshops with engineering scientists were held at all three project locations.

The workshop concept was designed for reuse, and is available online:

Use and further development of Dissemin

Dissemin finds scientific publications, checks their availability and uploads them to a free repository in just a few clicks.

  • Dissemin was further developed technically during the project and prepared for connection to other repositories.
  • The interface was translated for German-speaking countries.
  • Connection of the EPrints repository TUprints
  • Connection in progress: MyCoRe repository (University of Braunschweig)

If you are interested in the technical connection of further repositories, please read thedocumentationand email

Open Access services

The concepts developed or adapted in the project are all offered in a service database for reuse.

TU Darmstadt offers:

You will find further information on the following services:

  • Briefing for new appointees (OA/OER folder)*
  • Professors' round table
  • Advice on project application and target agreement
  • Focus on the departments' target agreements
  • OA checklist
  • Thesis signature service
  • Information management
  • OA/OER Pitch*
  • OA/OER in research and teaching*

* in cooperation with the Centre for Educational Development and Technology (HDA)

Development of communication concepts and information materials

The materials for increasing the awareness of OA/OER are available for reuse in the service database.

  • OA/OER folder
  • Dissemin postcard
  • Service ideas postcard
  • OA check presentation template


Staff in the project libraries will be pleased to help you with any questions: