IT Services and Integrated Library System

The team's tasks include providing and maintaining the digital infrastructure and the local library system.

One of the team’s tasks is ensuring that the digital infrastructure is provided for every area of the library: workstations, servers, storage systems, scanners and so on. It is also responsible for operating the integrated local library system and the corresponding research tools for ULB and other affiliated libraries in Southern Hesse and Rhine-Hesse in the hebis network.


  Name Working area(s) Contact
Stephan Rosenke
Deputy head of Information Technology, Research and Development
+49 6151 16-76221
S1|20 114


  Name Contact
Sebastian Brand
+49 6151 16-76399
Birgit Frenz
+49 6151 16-76225
Karsten Friedrich
+49 6151 16-76226
Nelli Funk
+49 6151 16-76227
Sabine Howahl
+49 6151 16-76223
Roman Laubinger
+49 6151 16-76230
Frank Muther
+49 6151 16-76224
Christian Mutig
+49 6151 16-76228