ULB´s full-text service

For associates of the Technical University of Darmstadt, the ULB will take over full-text indexing in a machine-readable form of image-digitised texts. OCR methods are used to generate searchable full texts from the image data.

Converting your text base

Machine-readable, structured information resources are generated from digitised texts – on request with intellectually prepared layout recognition and typing of the text regions.
As a general rule, searchable full texts can be created from all types of texts – manuscripts, rare books and modern texts. The platform Transkribus is used for the conversion.

Basis for the full-text creation:

  • Upload to the processing software
  • Automatic layout recognition
  • Automatic text recognition

Further steps can also be carried out by agreement with you:

  • Manual correction of layout recognition
  • Technically supported manual typing of text regions
  • Manual text correction

The finished files can be provided directly in Transkribus or emailed to you in the desired format.

Enquiry for the creation of your Digital Edition

You provide us with the basis for your Digital Edition

Services and prices

  • Full-text service Basic
    • € 0.15/page for manuscripts
    • € 0.03/page for prints
    • € 9.00 processing fee
  • Full-text service Plus
    Further work is calculated according to expenditure for the desired requirements.

Send enquiry

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