Text+ - Language and Text-Based Research Data Infrastructure

As part of the National Research Data Infrastructure, the University and State Library is extensively involved in the Text+ consortium. A research data infrastructure is being created within the framework of this DFG-funded project that takes into account the needs and concerns of voice and text data.

Brief Description

Once the Joint Science Conference had approved Text+ as a consortium in the nationwide initiative for the development of a national research data infrastructure (nfdi), and following several years of preparation, the project launched the initially five-year project phase in the autumn of 2021.

Text+ focuses on text-based data, and initially mainly on digital editions, collections and lexical resources. Data of this kind is naturally relevant for all text- and language-based disciplines. The philologies benefit to a large extent from the development of the national research data infrastructure just as much as historical and social sciences do.

Impulses from the humanities and their community are just as important in helping to achieve the consortium's success as scientific discussions and standardisation efforts are. The long-term cooperation agreement between the three participating Darmstadt institutions h_da, TUDa, and ULBDa is aimed at these very points. The participating institutions want to contribute their expertise specifically in the field of digital editorial studies. A variety of focal points are set at key points in the consortium's work. This includes, among other things, measures for quality assurance and standard formation in the field of digital editions as well as measures for involving the community and young scientists.

The tremendous participation of the Darmstadt institutions, which act under the name of Darmstadt Cooperation (DaCo), means it may be possible to have a lasting influence on the scientific landscape in the field of text-based sciences and to shape it for the long term.

Project Status

ongoing, 2021 – 2026

Project members

Further Information


Text+ is funded by the German Research Foundation (DFG) – 460033370