With the European Year of Skills the Commission proposes to give a fresh impetus to lifelong learning, supporting people with low educational qualifications and green skills.

The Commission will promote upskilling and reskilling opportunities, for instance by highlighting relevant EU initiatives, including EU funding possibilities, to support their take-up, implementation and delivery on the ground. Events and awareness-raising campaigns will also be organised across the EU to support mutual learning of partners in up- and reskilling.

The proposed Year also aims to help to further develop skills intelligence tools and promote tools and instruments for increased transparency and easier recognition of qualifications, including qualifications awarded outside the EU.

EU initiatives to support skills development

EU funding and assistance to invest into skills

Website – skills and qualifications

The European Year of Citizens 2013/2014

The European Year of Citizens 2013 was dedicated to the rights that come with EU citizenship. In 2014, some of the activities of the European Year of Citizens continued, this time with more of a focus on the European elections 2014.

Website of the European Year of Citizens 2013/2014