The Statistical Office of the European Union (EUROSTAT) provides data and statistics for Europe that enable comparisons between countries and regions. Eurostat does not collect its own data, but compiles statistics from the Member States and harmonises them on the basis of a uniform methodology.

The Eurostat database of the Statistical Office of the European Union (EUROSTAT) contains the entire selection of all data from the EU statistical office. These are published in multidimensional tables, which allow the data to be selected in different formats.

For further statistics on the EU, see statistic databases .

The portal is a central point of access to European open data from international, European Union, national, regional, local and geodata portals. It offers a growing amount of raw data for free use and re-use.

The portal is intended to:

  • give access and foster the reuse of European open data among citizens, business and organisations;
  • promote and support the release of more and better-quality metadata and data by the EU's institutions, agencies and other bodies, and European countries;
  • educate citizens and organisations about the opportunities that arise from the availability of open data.