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EU Publications

An overview of EU publications, reports, statistics and EU libraries. Access the register of documents of the EU institutions for all official EU documents.

Access to European Law

EUR-Lex provides free access in the 24 official EU languages to:

  • the Official Journal of the European Union;
  • EU law (EU treaties, directives, regulations, decisions, consolidated legislation, etc.);
  • preparatory acts (legislative proposals, reports, green and white papers, etc.);
  • EU case-law (judgements, orders, etc.) and international agreements;
  • international agreements;
  • EFTA documents and other public documents.

Legislative procedures

Follow the life cycle of a legislative proposal from the moment it is launched until the final law is adopted.

A timeline gives a visual representation of the procedure. All interventions by the institutions & bodies involved in the decision‑making process are represented.

From the timeline, you can access detailed information about each institution's decisions & how they were taken; the services & departments involved; the legal basis of the act, etc.

OEIL: Legislative Observatory

The European Parliament's database for monitoring the EU decision-making process.

Public Registers of Documents (via EDC Mannheim)

Since 30 May 2001 Regulation (EC) No. 1049/2001 assures public access to documents of the European Parliament, the Council and the Commission via an electronic register (OJ L 145, 31.05.2001, p. 43-48). Other EU institutions and agencies should also give free access to their documents in a similar way.

The registers contain a great number of unpublished internal documents amending the existing databases. If some of the register entries are not linked to full texts, most of them may be ordered directly via an electronic application form.

Press Releases Database

The database contains all the Press Releases of the European Commission. It also contains press releases of some of the other European institutions including the Council of the European Union.

IATE: Interactive Terminology for Europe

The inter-institutional terminology database of the European Union has been used in the EU institutions and agencies since summer 2004 for the collection, dissemination and shared management of EU-specific terminology.
IATE incorporated all of the existing terminology databases of the EU's translation services into one inter-institutional database containing approximately 1.4 million multilingual entries.

EU Who is who: The official directory of the European Union

EU Who is who is an electronic directory of managers and services in the EU institutions, bodies and agencies. You can consult the EU Whoiswho by person, by organisational entity (directorate or department), by hierarchical order: