Standards and Technical Guidelines

At ULB Darmstadt, you can access DIN standards and other technical regulations free of charge. Thera are also a high number of standards (DIN, VDI, ISO, …) in electronic form.


Logo Nautos, © Beuth/DIN Media Verlag GmbH
Logo Nautos, © Beuth/DIN Media Verlag GmbH

TheNautos database is available as a central reference instrument for a large number of national, European and international standards and regulations. Only DIN standards and VDI guidelines are included in full text.

List of all evaluated regulations

You can search e.g. VDE standards, DVGW and DWA documents in Nautos, the full texts of which are licensed in separate databases:

As ULB is a standards information point, all visitors to the library can use Nautos at special PCs, but cannot use it to print or save.

other standards information points

Members of TU Darmstadt (staff and students) can also view and use Nautos at their workstations inside and outside the TU. This includes searching and using the data and full texts for their own scientific purposes and for courses. A library card number and password are required to log in. VPN access is also required to download full texts away from the TU.

ULB's holdings also include DIN paperbacks and (loose leaf) collections with complete standards for specific areas of application. You can research these materials in the TUfind search portal.

You can search for currently valid DIN standards as full texts in Nautos.

Draft standards are also documented in Nautos and available in full text. However, there may be some delay in the publication of full texts, so part of the objection period may have already expired by the time the standard is available in Perinorm.

All draft DIN standards can be viewed free of charge in the DIN draft standards portal after registration.

Withdrawn DIN standards are also available as full texts in the Nautos database.

Printed standards

DIN paperbacks

The DIN paperbacks contain the standards for specific topics. ULB fully subscribed to the DIN paperbacks until 1995, but since then there have only been individual purchases.

All DIN paperbacks are listed in TUfind: Example: DIN 18024

If you are familiar with the numbering in the DIN paperbacks, you can search for them directly in TUfind, for instance DIN-TAB 472-2020 or DIN-TAB 472.

There will be a reference inNautos if a DIN standard is printed in a DIN paperback: “Also printed in …”.
Again, you can use “DIN-TAB …” in TUfind to search. You will see a results list or be able to place an interlibrary loan.

DIN paperbacks can be ordered as an interlibrary loan , and copies of ISO standards can also be sent.

Individually printed DIN standards , VDE regulations and VDI guidelines are not sent as interlibrary loans.

The following UBL loose-leaf collections contain standards in full text:

The printed VDE regulations are available as a loose-leaf collection until the year 2021 in the ULB Stadtmitte, 4th floor at ZN 3020. VDE regulations cannot be ordered via interlibrary loan.

VDE VDE regulations (even if they have become DIN standards: DIN-VDE-xxx) are only documented in Nautos but not included as full text. ULB has licensed the VDE Standards Library in order to allow users to see VDE standards and regulations. VDE documents cannot be printed out or saved.

VDE offers a free service for young members (students):

The printed VDE regulations are available as a loose-leaf collection until the year 2021 in the ULB Stadtmitte, 4th floor at ZN 3020. VDE regulations cannot be ordered via interlibrary loan.

DVGW rules

The ULB has licensed the “Water” rules section (complete edition without DIN). DIN standards are contained in full text in the database Nautos. All other documents in the DVGW Rules and Regulations online.

DWA Instruction Sheets

The rules and regulations of the German Association for Water Management, Wastewater and Waste (Deutsche Vereinigung für Wasserwirtschaft, Abwasser und Abfall e.V.), without full texts, are listed in Nautos. ATV guidelines and DWA bulletins in full text via DWA Regelwerk online

VDI guidelines

You can search for full-text VDI guidelines in Nautos.

VDMA standard sheets

The VDMA represents mechanical and plant engineering: List of VDMA standard sheets. Full texts must be purchased separately through the VDMA.

Individual VDMA standard sheets (opens in new tab) are available for inspection at the Service & Information counter of the ULB Lichtwiese.

The Nautos database provides the national standards from over 20 countries as well as the data of the European and international standards institutes.

You can either order the full texts of these standards through Foreign standards service or via the website of the organisation that published the standard (e.g. for Austrian standards:

The Nautos database also lists the data of the European standards institutes.

You can either order the full texts of these standards through Beuth's foreign standards service or via the website of the European Standards Organisation.

ISO standards

ULB has licensed pure ISO standards (ISO norms, the original ISO rules) in full text until the end of 2024: ISO standards. Only currently valid ISO standards are stored with full text.

Nautos contains full-text versions of DIN-ISO and DIN-EN-ISO norms.

Searching by ISO norms (ISO standards)

Some ISO/IEC standards are publicly available in the list of Publicly Available Standards.

The full texts can be ordered individually as an interlibrary loan and a copy collected at ULB. It is advisable to place a “free order” after logging in to the hebis portal (column to the left of the hit list).

The IEEE Xplore database contains full-text versions of some ISO/IEC/IEEE standards (limit search to 'Standards'), but the pure ISO standards are not there.

SAE international

SAE International (SAE Technical Papers & SAE Technical Standards):


Deutsches Institut für Normung e.V.


Verein Deutscher Ingenieure

DITR database

DITR = Deutsche Informationszentrum für Technische Regeln

central knowledge base for all information on standards, technical rules and technical law

Book tip

Bezeichnungen für Normen : Kürzel in Norm-Nummern und ihre Bedeutung / von Jan Dittberner und Michael Krüger

5. edition as printed book: /ZG 9150 D617(5) ULB Stadtmitte, 4. OG

6. edition as eBook (login with library ID)