ULB Darmstadt is always delighted to receive donations from private ownership that complement its holdings of books and other media. Please note the following.

ULB can only add media to its holdings that comply with its acquisition and collection profile. This is based predominantly on its primary focuses of research, teaching and studying at the Technical University of Darmstadt as well as on ULB's function as a state library for southern Hesse. The media must be in good condition.

Additional copies of titles already held at ULB cannot usually be accepted. Older editions of a specific title are only of interest if they are of particular historical relevance. This also applies to obsolete reference works, textbooks and legislation. If possible, please check the library catalogue in advance to establish whether ULB already has your potential donations in its holdings

I find, and have always found, that a book is particularly suitable as a friendly gift. Wilhelm von Humboldt

Please start by making a list of the respective bibliographic information (author / editor, title, publisher, year of publication, edition) of your works and email this overview to. You will then receive feedback from us. For larger sets of works, you are welcome to contact the responsible subject specialist . Estates should be discussed with the Historical Collections department in advance.

The decision of whether or not to accept gifts of books is made by the respective specialist department. Donations are made without conditions and at the discretion of ULB. We can only commit to special conditions (such as special identification, separate listing, restrictions on use) in duly justified cases. Any media that are not added to the collection may be passed on, for instance to other libraries, used for a book flea market, sold to second-hand bookshops or pulped. We regret we are unable to collect any donated media.

Please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions at or on site.