Print Media

ULB Darmstadt has over 4 million books and other media. These holdings are located in the open access areas, the text book collections and in the closed stacks, and can be researched via the TUfind search portal.

The holdings that are available to borrow are in the open access area of ULB. Alternatively, you can order books from the closed stacks.

Borrowable media from the closed stacks will be put on the collection shelf for you after ordering.

Ordered media and those from the open access areas can be borrowed directly through the self-service terminal.

The textbook collections are on the ground floors of ULB Stadtmitte and ULB Lichtwiese. Books with a pink label may be borrowed for longer (semester loans).

Reference holdings

Open access area

We provide most of the overview works and one copy of our textbooks as reference copies on the upper floors, ordered by subject. They can be identified by the red label, and are not available to borrow. Likewise, our journals and newspapers, identifiable by the signature label with a blue stripe, are also not available to borrow.

They must not be locked in the individual work rooms or lockers.


  • Holdings from the closed stacks,
  • media that are more than 100 years old
  • media that are in the library because of the deposit copy right and
  • interlibrary loans with conditions from the holding library

are not available to borrow, and may only been viewed and used in the library rooms of the ULB locations, in the Research Reading Room at ULB Stadtmitte or in the special reading stations at ULB Lichtwiese. They may be subject to special terms of use such as limited scanning permission.

Course reserves

Lecturers at TU Darmstadt have the option of setting up a course reserve either for one semester or permanently at all locations. These volumes are then not available to borrow for this period.

Form for setting up (conventional) course reserves

Form for setting up a digital course reserve

Availability – when and where

Information concerning collection times and places and how to view media that are not available to borrow.