The reference management program Citavi is available as a campus licence at the Technical University of Darmstadt.

Picture: Swiss Academic Software GmbH
Picture: Swiss Academic Software GmbH

Citavi enables you to manage your literature, research in specialist databases and library catalogues, process literature content, collect quotations, organise knowledge, design texts, plan tasks and automatically create bibliographies in various citation styles.

The campus licence allows all students and staff at the university to use Citavi 6 for Windows and Citavi Web free of charge.

How Do You Get Citavi?
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Citavi Functions Overview
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How Do You Get Citavi?


First of all, download Citavi: Download
Technical information on downloading


Install Citavi.

Activating the campus licence

  • Open your Citavi account with your TU email address.
  • Click on the login icon in the start window.
  • Enter the login details for your Citavi account. Citavi will take the licence information from your account.

Citavi in PC pools and at centrally managed workstations

It is possible to use Citavi on a large number of PCs at TU Darmstadt. As a system administrator, please contact the .

Settings for availability research (Linksolver), ISBN download, location search, TU Darmstadt databases

You can download the settings file here. After downloading, unpack the ZIP archive (right-click > Extract all > Extract). Import the CSD file into Citavi (Citavi > Extras > Import/export settings). Please note: If you have already selected the databases for your research, you will have to add them again after importing the settings file.

Additional installation instructions.

ULB Teaching and Learning Formats

The ULB offers regular Citavi workshops:Current dates

If you have any questions concerning Citavi, please contact:

Citavi News

Currently no news available.

Citavi functions overview

With Citavi you can

  • let the ISBN work for you: the ISBN is sufficient for transferring data to Citavi
  • import search results that have been saved as a text file or on the clipboard
  • transfer data from book trade directories, library catalogues and specialist databases
  • evaluate websites and text documents with the free additional program Citavi Picker
  • enrich literature references with quotations and notes and enhance them with keywords and categories
  • work easily with your word processor
  • create bibliographies in various citation styles and insert them in your own work

Using Citavi to search library catalogues and databases

Citavi's “Research” function allows you to search German and international library catalogues such as the local catalogue of ULB Darmstadt or the Hesse Union Catalogue. Search results can be transferred. If titles are transferred from the ULB catalogue, the location information (signatures) will also be imported.

Citavi can be used to search licensed databases if the computer is connected to the university network either by cable or Wi-Fi. No searches can be carried out in licensed databases using Citavi from outside, not even with VPN access.

Some databases that are licensed for the university network cannot be searched with Citavi either for technical or for licensing reasons.


When carrying out literature searches, please remember that it is better not to use Citavi for differentiated searches, but to visit the particular database and use the database website's extended search options. The search results can be saved and then imported into Citavi. You might also have access to the full texts in the database website.

Customising the list of library catalogues/databases

You can permanently transfer your choice of databases from the Citavi resource list to your list. Please note, however, that the databases that are not licensed for the university network may also appear in the resource list.

Citavi Assistant and Word Add-in

Use the Citavi Assistant (german text) to insert literature and citations from your cloud project into a Word document. Important: The Assistant is only compatible with Citavi Web, not with the Citavi for Windows version installed on your computer. This requires the Citavi Word Add-in, which is automatically added when you install Citavi. The differences between Assistant and Word Add-in can be found here.

Software Vendor Support

The Citavi website contains information and help on the program, notes on service and support, manuals and training materials: