Exhibition policies of ULB Darmstadt

The exhibition policies provides orientation for external exhibitors who would like to use ULB's exhibition space and furniture. It is also to be seen as a guiding principle for how ULB wishes to present itself to the public.

1. Exhibition projects offered to ULB should primarily be book exhibitions. Images and other objects may be added, but should not be the focus. The library does not host art exhibitions.

2. In terms of content, they should meet at least one of the following criteria:

  • Local and/or regional reference
  • Reference to the city of Darmstadt and or TU
  • Cultural and/or scientific topic
  • Reference to books and/or libraries

3. Content from the following areas is not considered suitable for presentation in the rooms of a scientific library:

  • Self-presentations of political parties, associations or religious communities
  • Conveying of ideological, political or religious messages
  • Commercial advertising

This does not apply to self-presentations of sponsors of an exhibitions, although they must be clearly identified as such.

4. With regard to the concept of an exhibition, the provider must note that we are unable to accept partition walls or panel exhibitions. The exhibition concept should focus on presentation using ULB's fixed and mobile showcases and banners in the existing exhibition system. A limited number of pictures and wall panels may be hung.

5. Every exhibition project is to be discussed in good time and in detail with the responsible individuals at ULB and a coherent concept and workflow submitted. Furthermore, the use of assistance from the restoration workshop or bookbindery must be registered in good time, i.e. at least 6 weeks before the start of the exhibition, and the organisation and design of any opening events clarified in advance. ULB will provide assistance from its experts to a reasonable extent, but expects the exhibitors to take over the planning and content of all the public relations work.

6. ULB assumes no liability for third-party objects exhibited on its premises. The persons responsible for the exhibitions must arrange for the necessary insurance cover.