Digitisation of 17th cent. imprints of the collection Guenderrode. A contribution to the VD 17 master plan.

Brief description

The federal tradition and the late emergence of a national state as a consequence mean that there is no naturally evolved, centrally conceived and managed national bibliography in Germany.

The Union Catalogue of Books Printed in German Speaking Countries in the 17th Century – VD 17 for short – is part of the cooperative retrospective national bibliographic cataloguing of German literature from 1501 to 1900.

For some time now, systematic digitisation initiatives have been in place for the catalogues in question. Libraries which have corresponding holdings in their collections may submit applications to the German Research Foundation (DFG).

As part of the digitisation master plan, the ULB project has contributed more than 1200 works to VD 17 which have so far not yet been made available in digital form by any other library.

The project results can be viewed in the ULB’s Digital Collections.

Project status

completed, 1.4.2019 – 30.6.2021