Brief description

Since 2017, the LaVaH project has been gradually building an infrastructure for the long-term availability of digital objects. All Hessian universities and the hebis library association are working together to secure digital content for the long term. The solution to be developed will be able to accommodate digital content of all formats in the long term.

The long-term preservation of digital objects is a challenge because they quickly become inaccessible and unusable due to technological changes in data carriers, formats, software and storage locations in the digital space. Purely physical storage is a prerequisite for long-term availability, but in addition it must be ensured that the digital objects can be reproduced and interpreted correctly and without loss.

For long-term preservation purposes, the ULB Darmstadt operates its own instance of the archivematica software.

Project status

ongoing, 1.1.2022 – 31.12.2024

Cooperation partners

  • HRZ Darmstadt
  • all hessian state universities
  • Coordination hebis-VZ

Further information


Dieses Vorhaben wird gefördert aus dem “Hessischen Digitalpakt Hochschulen 2021 – 2024”