Microsoft Word

Apart from LaTeX, Microsoft Word is still the go-to program at TU Darmstadt for students who are writing a scientific paper. Its intuitive user interface and clear handling ensure a quick and easy start for beginners. For advanced users it offers a whole range of combinable tools – even for scientific purposes – that ensure every document has a professional layout. There is a free online version, although this does not include all functions. The TU design elements are particularly difficult in this version. People who are not members of the TU can go to the Microsoft website to find out about the paid options. An Office 365 campus licence is available for students and staff at the TU. In order to achieve a uniform design, the TU offers templates for Word documents.

One particular advantage of Word is that it is easy to combine with other Office products, especially Excel. This makes it easy to insert elements such as tables and graphics in a document and post-process them directly from there. In addition, because it is used all over the world, there is a tremendous online support community. It is rarely necessary to consult an “expert” to solve a problem.

ULB also offers Word processing learning formats , including a monthly workshop, individual advice in a consultation and tailor-made events for groups of 5 people or more. At ULB, we provide advice and training on the functionality of Word. For advice on text design and writing, please contact the TU SchreibCenter.