The ULB houses a number of facilities that increase its range of services and make the library's holdings more diverse.

The Digitisation Centre coordinates and organises the Darmstadt Digital Collections, the repro service (digitisation on demand) of the ULB, and all the services and infrastructure on this topic.

The European Documentation Centre researches, advises and provides information on all topics concerning the EU, e.g. European legislation, political measures and European funding projects.

The Patent and Trademark Centre Rhine-Main is the information point for matters concerning patents, utility models, trademarks and designs. Founders, companies, universities, patent attorneys and lawyers receive information on industrial property rights.

The Historical Archive as the public archive of TU Darmstadt acquires and indexes all relevant documents such as written material, photographic holdings, analogue and digital data, but also three-dimensional objects in order to make them permanently usable.

The Centre for Digital Editions in Darmstadt covers all aspects of the preparation of texts for scientific editions and all areas of digital editions, from planning to publication. As well as processing historical holdings of the ULB, the CEiD is also a partner for external institutions.

Digitalisierung einer Ausgabe des Darmstädter Tagblatts
Picture: Anne-Christine Günther

Digitisation Centre (DIC)

Coordination and organisation of the Darmstadt Digital Collections and repro service

Digitisation Centre

Picture: EDZ

European Documentation Centre (EDC)

Publications, consulting and research related to EU policy areas, legislation, funding and grants

European Documentation Centre

Logo Patent- und Markenzentrum Rhein-Main
Picture: Patent- und Markenzentrum Rhein-Main

Patent and Trademark Centre Rhine-Main

Information on patents, utility models, trademarks and designs

Patent and Trademark Centre Rhine-Main

Picture: Universitätsarchiv

Historical Archive

Acquisition, indexing and storage of the archive material of TU Darmstadt

Historical Archive

Kugel mit binären Daten, im Hintergrund Schaltkreis Platine - Gerd Altmann pixabay
Picture: Gerd Altmann

Centre for Digital Editions in Darmstadt (CEiD)

Planning, preparation and publication of digital editions

Centre for Digital Editions in Darmstadt