TU Darmstadt participates in DEAL-Contract with Wiley


The DEAL Project which has been started by the alliance of German science organizations aims to conclude license agreements covering all electronic journals of international academic publishers. A first nationwide contract has now been signed with the publisher Wiley.

By participating in this contract the TU Darmstadt has done the first step to transform academic publishing towards open access. The contract initially runs over three years (2019-2021).

The agreement has many advantages for researchers and students at the TU Darmstadt:

  • Access to all Wiley-journals on Wiley Online (about 1.700 titles)
  • Permanent access rights for the above mentioned journals back to 1997
  • Members of the TU Darmstadt now have the chance to publish their papers in all Wiley-journals under the open access creative commons license (CC-BY). Open access publishing in subscription based journals (so called hybrid journals) will be free of charge. The decision whether a paper is to be published open access or not is still in the hand of the author. There is no obligation to publish open access.
  • In Wiley journals with only open access publication opportunities (so called gold open access) authors of the TU Darmstadt receive a reduction of 20 % on publication fees involved. These fees can be sponsored by the publications fund of the ULB if they comply with the promotion criteria of the German Research Foundation.
  • Access to all Wiley publications is already unlocked for users of the TU Darmstadt. Open access publications rights in hybrid journals start at 1 July 2019. Publication rights in gold open access journals are underway.
  • Publications in Wiley journals of researchers at the TU Darmstadt are now accessible worldwide. Research findings from the TU Darmstadt now attain a higher visibility.
  • There are no legal constraints by the CC-BY license to make use of Wiley publications in electronic reference shelves, in teaching or research projects. This also applies for automatic research methods like text or data mining.

Are you interested in publishing open access? In making your research findings accessible for free worldwide? Our publications fund supports your first publication. View the promotion criteria of the German Research Foundation.

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