ELN (Electronic Lab Notebook)-Finder

The ELN Finder helps you to search and select a suitable Electronic Lab Notebook (ELN) for your purposes.

Brief description

What is the ELN (Electronic Lab Notebook) Finder?

The ELN Finder is a webservice helping researchers and staff from research infrastructure institutions to select the appropriate software for an electronic lab notebook ELN from the wide range of available ELNs. It is based on a DSpace 7 repository whose entries contains rich information about ELN tools.

The entries in the ELN Finder are based on a metadata schema that was developed with the goal of describing an ELN as accurately as possible. The metadata schema contains attributes and filters.

ELN Finder is run by ZB MED and ULB Darmstadt and supported by an editorial team.

Your contribution is highly welcome!

The editorial team is looking for new members. Possibilities are:

Collaboration as an editorial member: Further development of the criteria catalog and editorial processes, supervision of one or more ELNs.

  • Collaboration as contributor: supervision of one or more ELNs, whereby the entries can be obtained either through research/vendor contact or through own development/use.
  • Collaboration as reference user: If available, reference users are provided for each ELN. These are people with expertise in the use or hosting of this ELN and who are willing to help others with the introduction or operation of this tool. Interested individuals should contact the editorial team via the mail address provided below for more information. Our goal with this specification is to promote networking and the exchange of experiences among users of the same tool.

Project status

ongoing, 2019 -

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