TU Darmstadt Bibliography (TUbiblio)

TUbiblio is TU Darmstadt's official bibliography. It offers all members and affiliates of TU Darmstadt the opportunity to list and verify scientific works, thus increasing the visibility of your publications. The bibliographic data can be read out on your websites.

Where can I find the TU Bibliography?

How to upload a major amount of data?

Do not hesitate to get in touch with our team should TUbiblio be listed in your target agreements as tool of publication and verification. We will be happy to discuss the joint implementation.

How to report bibliographic data?


To enter your bibliographic data, use either the form or the data import. Please ensure all mandatory fields are completed.

ULB's editorial team will carry out a formal check of your submitted data, complete it if necessary and release it. The processing time is 5 business days if the bibliographic data is complete.

How to read out publication lists?

In the FirstSpirit editorial system you can integrate publication lists into your website using the templates “TUbiblio-Suchergebnis” (TUbiblio search result) and “View von TUbiblio”. Since December 2021, these lists have been generated using JSON export.

If your bibliography is not displayed correctly since the technology change, please contact the web team of TU Darmstadt.

Readout by name, organisational unit, author ID ORCID

The section template “View von TUbiblio” allows three different types of publication lists:

  • Organisational unit
  • Person-related (name)
  • Person-related (author ID)

The display of the list can be easily modified and restricted to certain publication types.

Detailed instructions have been provided by the TU Darmstadt web team (currently only available in German).

Please note that the release of each entry in TUbiblio and its appearance in your bibliography can take up to 4 days.

Readout according to individual criteria

Use the template “TUbiblio-Suchergebnis” to display the results of a TUbiblio search on your website.

Start a simple oder advanced search in your browser for the desired criteria in TUbiblio. Insert the URL of your search result into the template.

The display of the list can be easily modified. A restriction to certain publication types must already be made in the TUbiblio search.

There are detailed instructions on how to use the FirstSpirit template.

Any further Questions?

Please use the contact form .