ULB is appalled by the Russian invasion in Ukraine.

Solidarity with Ukraine

We express our solidarity with the muliple and worldwide statements on the war in Ukraine, especially by the German Library Association Deutscher Bibliotheksverband e.V. (dbv) and by international library associations.

Furthermore we join the active alliance Saving Ukrainian Cultural Heritage Online which was founded to combine all available forces and means to preserve cultural assets in Ukraine for further generations.

In the Appeal by the Ukrainian Library Association on 23 February 2022 (opens in new tab) , one day before the Russian invasion, the association points out the relevance of libraries in the fight against fake news and desinformation. Libraries are places of education open for all. And libraries are places of safety and freedom where all people have access to information.

The University and State Library is as a place of living democracy. Since it is also the focus of to give access to reliable sources, information, and media, we set up selected ressources to countervail desinformation.

Information sources, publications and analyses of selected institutions and think tanks on the war in Ukraine

Please use TUfind, for example with the keyword “Ukraine”.

European Commission: EU Solidarity with Ukraine

The EU has assured refugees from Ukraine a fast and uncomplicated right to stay in the EU: Information for people fleeing the war in Ukraine. The page is also available in Ukrainian.

Press: Euro|topics

Russia’s war against Ukraine

Euro|topic is a multilingual online service of the Federal Agency for Civic Education on European topics. It provides information on political, cultural and social debates from 30 countries. The daily press review makes debates and opinions accessible across Europe that media have so far conducted at national level.