ULB buys censured Books from Hongkong

The extinction of critcal literature from libraries in Hongkong subsequently to the new Chinese Safety Act calls democratic rights into question. Therefore, the ULB Darmstadt has decided to buy almost all of these banned or forbidden books to make them accessible for free.

Even internationally it becomes more and more difficult to get access to these books. In buying them the ULB wants to ensure their availability in future and wants to offer all interested readers the possibility to inform themselves without obstruction. By this, the ULB takes a stance on free speech and strives to establish living conditions based on free and democratic terms.

ULB buys censured Books from Hongkong

Starting now, books by the following authors can also be consulted in Chinese:

Joshua Wong is one of the most prominent members of the democratic movement in Hongkong. His book „Unfree Speech“ is also published in German and is available in the ULB.

Tanya Chan as a polititian and mandate holder stood up against the restrictions of human rights and democratic structures in Hongkong. She was handed down a prison sentence in 2019 for supporting the protests of 2014 which was suspended for health reasons.

Further books are by Chin Wan, a fighter for strong regionalism and local autonomy.

All books can be ordered and consulted at the ULB.