DEAL contract with Springer Nature


TU Darmstadt is participating in the Germany-wide DEAL-contract, which was concluded with the scientific publisher Springer Nature. This agreement will allow you to access Springer Nature’s online journals and to benefit from new expanded possibilities to publish your research results as Open Access.

The contract includes the following key elements:

  • Reading Access
    You will have the permanent right to access around 1.900 Springer journals (Springer Medical, Palgrave, Adis and Macmillan Academic incl.). Not included to this DEAL-contract are Nature-journals, magazines (e.g. Scientific American, Spektrum der Wissenschaft) and technical journals (e.g. ATZ, MTZ). However, the ULB offers licenses, to access those various Nature-journals.
  • Hybrid Open Access
    As author you have the possibility to publish your articles in the publisher’s hybrid journals (subscription journals with OA-option) without any further costs as open access. If you submit an article to Springer Nature, you will be asked during the publication process, if you are willing to publish as open access. With regard to TU Darmstadt’s OA policy we firmly recommend to agree to this. Your publication will then be openly available world wide and can be adopted without restrictions by anyone interested.
  • Gold Open Access
    Beyond that there is another possibility, to publish in Springer Nature’s open access journals. For those so called Gold-Open-Acccess-journals the DEAL-contract applies from 1st August 2020 on and grands a discount of 20% of the publication fees of all Springer-Open and BioMed Central titles (except Nature Communications and Scientific Reports). Until then you can, if applicable, request the refund of the publication fees up to 2.000€ (gross) out of ULB’s open-access-funds.

Beside the DEAL contract with Springer Nature, TU Darmstadt participated in the Wiley-DEAL-contract, which offers similar conditions.

Basic points regarding the DEAL-contract with Springer Nature
FAQ for authors (Springer)
FAQ for authors (DEAL)

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