PAUL MEISSNER. Ein Architekt zwischen Tradition und Aufbruch

2019-09-07 to 2020-01-19 Exhibtion Kunstforum der TU Darmstadt


Die Ausstellung rückt den Darmstädter Hochschullehrer und Erbauer der ehemaligen Landeshypothekenbank erstmals umfassend in den Fokus. Paul Meißner (1868–1939) gehört zu jener Generation von Baukünstlern zwischen Späthistorismus und früher Moderne, die es neu zu entdecken gilt.

His early construction tasks still reveal the language of his academic teacher, Professor Carl Schäfer (1844–1908) from Berlin, who is a key player in late historicism and the beginnings of historical monuments preservation. Meissner’s breakthrough as an architect is the new construction of the Hessian Mortgage Bank (1905-1908) at Paulusplatz in Darmstadt, today the head office of the Protestant Church in Hesse-Nassau. He becomes apparent in public and private building contracts but his focus mainly lies on monumental protection and important industrial building projects such as the Opel factory in Rüsselsheim. At the end of his lifetime his academic career is shadowed by the rising nationalism in Germany: in a political campaign in 1933 Meissner is discredited and forced to resign all his posts. Paul Meissner dies shortly after the beginning of World War II.

Exhibition opening

The public is cordially invited to a Vernissage in the Kunstforum of the TU Darmstadt on 7 September at 6pm. See the exhibition brochure for information on more events.


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